Beating Cancer Gently – Vitamin D3 Wins Again!!

Many of you have read and listened as I raved about the benefits of Vitamin D3 in recent months. Well, I have some personal evidence now of how incredibly useful it is that I want to share with you. Those of you who have heard my web talk radio show this week can skip down to the section about my grandson, which wasn’t on the radio show.


On Thursday, April 15th, I was preparing to leave the next morning for Michigan to visit my daughter and her husband, two of my grandsons and their wives and five of my great grand-babies (with two more “on the way”). My flight was scheduled to leave Oakland (about an hour from where we live) at 7:00 AM. Well, right about 3 PM in the afternoon, I began shaking. My fever shot up to what felt like 104 degrees and my body was aching all over. I had a real attack of the flu — big time!

I crawled into bed and moaned for a few minutes. Then, a light came on in my head. I thought “Bill, you’ve been talking about Vitamin D3 and how great an anti-viral it is for weeks. How about ‘walking the walk’ instead of ‘talking the talk.'” I dragged myself downstairs and got the bottle of 5,000 I.U. Vitamin D3 gelcaps. I counted out 10 of them and swallowed them. I was feeling so bad, I didn’t want to even think. I just went back to bed. But I took the D3 bottle with me.

For the next three hours, I took the 50,000 I.U. dose of the Vitamin D3 every 30 minutes — a total of 300,000 I.U. I felt so bad that I called my daughter at about 5 PM and left her a message that I just had to postpone the trip.

Well, maybe you can guess what happened next. About 8 PM, I got up and realized that my fever was gone. My muscles and bones weren’t aching anymore. I felt weak and a little queasy in the stomach, but I said to myself “Hey, you’re about 80% recovered from this. Maybe you can make the trip after all.”

I went back to bed at 9 PM and slept until 3 AM. I got up, packed my bag and left for the airport at 4 AM to make the 7 AM flight. I was walking slowly and feeling weak, but otherwise, I was fine. At the airport, I called my daughter and told her I was on the way. She was, needless to say, very surprised.

During the flight, I took another 200,000 I.U. of the Vitamin D3. I changed planes in Chicago, got in to Detroit, rented a car and drove to my daughter’s house in Jackson, Michigan (about an hour away). I was gradually feeling better. By the time I got there, I was about 90% back to normal.

The next day, I went with the family to watch my 6 year old great grandson play a soccer game. It was very cold (about 37 degrees with a wind of 20 miles an hour). I bundled up and spent an hour and a half on the sidelines.

By then, Saturday morning, about 33 hours after the onset of the flu bug, I was feeling about 95% normal. Everybody was amazed.


By Saturday afternoon, I was completely recovered. I was so delighted that this wonderful trip had not been ruined by the flu bug.

On Monday afternoon, after a great weekend with my family, I learned that my 28-year-old grandson, Tim, had stayed home from work and was in bed with the flu. I don’t think he caught it from me. I’m pretty sure I was past being contagious by the time I got to Michigan, but who knows?

On Tuesday, I went over to Tim’s house and gave his wife, Becky, a bottle of 100 of the Vitamin D3 gelcaps. I told her what I would do if I were Tim. She took my advice and began feeding him large doses of the D3.

I got back home on Tuesday night, April 20th. I was feeling great! On Thursday, I called Tim to see how he was doing. Well, you guessed it. He told me that by Wednesday, he had completely recovered from the flu and went back to work.


Folks, this is probably the most useful information you will read this year. Stock up on this wonderful healer. It is incredibly inexpensive. A bottle of 100 of these 5,000 I.U. tiny gelcaps costs about $4. You now have not only a great preventative for colds and flu, but a great healer, as well. No need for flu shots. Just take a good dose (I take 10,000 I.U. every day) of this stuff and be prepared to load up on it if the flu bug (or a cold) hits you or anyone in your family.

My massive dose of the D3 was not taken blindly. My good friend, Cheryl Miller-Uphoff (author of the “Cancer Free Foods” recipe book) had used about 200,000 I.U. of it for three days or so to heal her flu several months ago. In fact, I had discussed her experience with Dr. William Grant, the authority on Vitamin D3 who I had interviewed on my radio show. He was completely OK with someone taking that much if they were sick with a virus. He said the level in your body will normalize with no problem after you stop taking the massive doses. Particularly when you are sick like I was, there is almost no toxic level of this stuff.

Obviously, for children, you should probably adjust the dose according to their size. But it will still work for them. Dr. Garcia (my question/answer buddy — see below) says the gelcaps are the best form to take the D3 in, but it also comes in liquid form which might be easier for a child to take.

Here are a couple of sources for you to stock up on this wonderful healer:



Here’s a quote from an article this week in Natural News about Vitamin D3 and diabetes:

“A team from Warwick Medical School in the U.K. has found that people who maintain healthy vitamin D levels are 43 percent less likely to get heart disease or diabetes. After evaluating 28 different studies conducted on nearly 100,000 people, researchers concluded that people who eat oily fish two or three times a week and five servings of fruits and vegetables a day are able to achieve healthy levels of vitamin D.

While the team evaluated only natural sources of vitamin D, including from sunlight exposure and consumption of oily fish like tuna, salmon, and mackerel, it is probable that supplementation with natural vitamin D3 would prove to have the same effect.”

If you want to read the whole article, just click here.


Coincidentally, I got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago from my friend Tanya Pierce, author of “Outsmart Your Cancer.” Tanya was telling me about an exchange she had with Dr. Navarro (head of the Navarro Clinic in the Philippines) about the possible effects on the HCG Urine Test (see pp. 134-140 in my Cancer-Free — Third Edition book) of Vitamin D3, among other things. Here are some quotes from her message:

“Dr. Navarro has recently told Elonna McKibben that all hormones, including steroids, must be stopped for at least 3 days before the test to try to avoid a false positive. So, as you can see, instructions on this test have been changing…

…[Dr. Navarro] also confirmed that there are numerous factors that can adversely affect the test and cause ‘false positives.’ Most of these factors are hormones, so women who are on bioidentical hormones must stop their progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, or any other hormones they are on for anywhere between 3 days and two weeks (for the testosterone)…

…Dr. Navarro also said that vitamin D supplementation could even interfere with the test… [Vitamin D3 is actually a hormone, not a vitamin.]

…[Tanya concludes as follows] As far as cancer screening tests go, this HCG test is still a good test in many ways — possibly better than anything else out there. But it is not ‘cut and dried’ perfect in the way that both Bill [me] and Andy [Scholberg] have chosen to represent it to the public. They have never told the public that there are hormones, steroid medications, and even vitamin D that must be avoided for the test to be accurate and that even then the numbers should not be used all by themselves but should only be used along with other factors of each individual case to determine how well the person is doing. I really worry that there are people who will use the test the way Bill and Andy are recommending it and either assume they have cancer when they don’t (because they got a false positive score), or they will assume their alternative cancer treatment isn’t working because their HCG score hasn’t gone down yet when in some cases their treatment could be working very well and they just got a false positive on their test results for some other reason.”


Well, I thanked Tanya Pierce for her valuable information. I really was unaware of the effects of hormones and steroids on the HCG Urine Test. Dr. Navarro had never mentioned it in our many exchanges over the years. Do I still think the test is useful? You bet. Literally hundreds of people I’ve worked with over the last 8 years or so have found the trend indicated by this test very useful. But the bottom line here is that no test is perfect. This one is certainly no exception. It is a good indicator, but not a “be all and end all” test.

I suggest that if you are doing the HCG Urine Test you stop taking hormones (including Vitamin D3) and steroid medication at least three days before you collect the urine sample. Then follow Dr. Navarro’s advice on all the HCG test result e-mails. Confirm the HCG Urine Test results with other tests — CT/PET scans, MRI’s, etc.

End of story on “Vitamin D3” for now.


Be well…and be sure to hug each other every day!

Bill Henderson
Author, “Cure Your Cancer” and “Cancer-Free”
E-mail: “How to Live Cancer-Free” Listen anytime.


Although many alternative medical treatments have been successfully used for many years, they are currently not practiced by conventional medicine and are therefore not “approved” and legal (in some States) for medical professionals to prescribe for their patients, although it is legal for individuals to use them at their own discretion. It therefore becomes necessary to include the following disclaimer:

The offerings made by this publication are to be carefully considered by the user. All responsibility regarding the use of alternative treatments rests with the patient. If you have doubts regarding these things, rely on your conventional doctor.



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